Bye Bye Barbasol, Bring on the Bronner's!

Dr. Bronner's Certified Organic Baby Shaving Gel
It's syrupy at first but lathers up nicely, yet it's somewhat translucent which we found was an added bonus. The unexpected brown sugar color of the gel has a hint of a gingerbread cookie scent, although it is labeled as an unscented product. The result was a smooth shave, very gentle, no stinging and best of all no chemicals. It's available in 4 other scents too, but the fragrance free is the best bet for sensitive skin. Dr. Bronner's shaving gel earns its space on our shelf.

Tip: store the bottle on its side rather than upright, and give it a good shake before you shave, as the
ingredients may separate under certain conditions. Get Dr. Bronner's Organic Baby Mild Shaving Gel


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