Pure Decadence! Acai Chocolate Organic & Vegan Skin Care

Organic Gurus now offers Ikove by Florestas' new skincare line, it's USDA certified organic, fair trade, and vegan! Rich in cacao and açaí, with remarkable anti-oxidant properties, this line restores the skin’s natural radiance and balance, leaving the face soft and protected all day long. The powerful antioxidants in raw cacao and açaí help slow down the natural aging process, fight free radicals and highly contribute in putting back a natural radiance and healthy glow in your skin.

Key Ingredients

Açaí: A remarkable concentration of antioxidants, to help combat premature aging, with 10-30 times the anthocyanins (purple colored antioxidants) of red grapes. Açaí is a dense source of particular class of flavonoids called anthocyanins protecting the body against the effects of free radicals. Also açaí has great concentration of fatty acids, essential omegas (EFAs 6 and 9 with dietary fiber and phytosterols) that help maintaining skin integrity as they take part in lipid metabolism and in the skin renewing process.

Cocoa: Polyphenols are natural components found in healthy plants such as fruit and vegetables, and also in the cocoa plant. The polyphenols found in cocoa belong to the category of flavonoids, in particular the flavonols. Flavonols are particularly abundant in cocoa beans, even more than in red wine or green tea. Cocoa also contains unusually large amounts of more complex flavonols called procyanidins. These are powerful antioxidants protecting body cells against the effect of free radicals. According to research, free radicals accelerate aging.

Candeia Oil: Alpha-bisabolol, the active substance present in the essential oil of candeia, is a potent anti-inflammatory agent, as well has anti-fungal and antibiotic properties. According to modern aging theories, the inflammation process is one of the main causes of skin aging. The alpha-bisabolol extracted from the Brazilian candeia tree has twice the effectiveness of the synthetic product, due the high level of purity of the active substance. This ingredient combined with Amazonian botanicals delivers the results for an outstanding skin care treatment.

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Source: Ikove by Florestas


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