Organic Gurus Now Offers The Logona Age Protection Skin Care Collection

Organic Gurus now offers the Logona Age Protection Line. Logona Age Protection products provide a very high level of care and skin treatment, reflecting the much more demanding conditions of maturing skin. Concentrated phytoactive ingredients, natural moisturizing agents and premium botanical oils target specific skin problems, while stimulating the skin’s own self-correcting capabilities.

Each Age Protection product complies fully with the stringent BDIH criteria for certified natural cosmetics. Each contains potent phytoactive ingredients, possessing skin care benefits established by the latest dermatological research and/or traditional herbology.

Logona Age Protection:
  • Full compliance with the strict BDIH requirements for certified natural cosmetics
  • Absence of synthetic colors, fragrances, and preservatives
  • Absence of paraffins or other ingredients derived from petrochemicals
  • Dermatological testing to confirm the excellent skin compatibility and effectiveness of every product
Logona products are carefully-crafted, BDIH Certified Natural, cruelty-free, and many are vegan and gluten free. Strict ingredient quality standards have always been fundamentally important to Logona product formulation and manufacturing. Logona products utilize the highest quality, natural raw materials, such as premium botanical oils, herbal extracts and essential oils derived from organic agriculture and wildcrafting.

The line includes:

Logona Age Protection Cleansing Foam - Frees your skin gently but thoroughly of particulates, makeup residues and excessive skin oils and prepares the skin for the treatment to follow. This mild formula is suited to sensitive skins and the botanical skin nutrients moisturize and protect your skin from from dehydration.

Logona Age Protection Clarifying Toner - Refreshes and clarifies maturing skin after cleansing, optimal preparation for the treatment to follow. As stimulating combination of Aloe Vera, circulation improving natural Caffeine and extracts of Witch Hazel and Rosemary flood the open pores of cleansed skin, providing maximum benefit.

Logona Age Protection Facial Steam Bath - Relaxes your skin, allowing the pores to open completely, leaving the skin at it's most receptive to treatment. Premium extracts including Papaya, Orchid, Chamomile, Horsetail and silky Lotus Blossom help refine and improve the skin structure. Essential oils add to the therapeutic benefits of the treatment.

Logona Age Protection Eye Wrinkle Cream - Delivers nourishing moisture and care to the delicate area surrounding your eyes with a creamy phyto-active complex of certified organic Almond oil and Calendula extract, Grape Seed oil, Shea Butter and eyebright extract. Reduces tiny wrinkles and lines, giving skin a lively refreshed appearance.

Logona Age Protection Eye Gel - Reduces fine lines and signs of fatigue on the delicate skin surrounding your eyes. The light gel will leave your skin feeling instantly refreshed. An effective ingredient complex consisting of Eyebright, Quince and natural Caffeine nourish and stimulate the skin whilst reducing puffiness and dark rings under the eyes. This gel reflects incident light in a way that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Logona Age Protection Lip Contour Cream - Relieves the micro tensions that cause the tiny "expression wrinkles" in the delicate area around the lips. Aloe Vera, precious Argan oil and Jojoba deliver nourishing intensive moisture and care. Concentrated active components from Indian Myrrh minimize and diminish wrinkles. The result is visibly smoother lip contours.

Logona Age Protection Wrinkle Therapy - Offers treatment for the full range of skin ageing issues - morning and evening. Delivers long lasting moisture, protection and care. It stimulates your skins own repair function, tightening skin tissues and giving your skin a supple, velvet texture. Facial fatigue and stress, fine lines and wrinkles are significantly reduced.

Logona Age Protection Hydro Lipid Balance - Offers Intensive moisture and elasticity. Reinforces the natural barrier function of your skin against moisture loss and balances it's hydro-lipid film, also known as the acid mantle. It retards moisture loss and provides increased elasticity.

Logona Age Protection Hydro Active Ampule Therapy - Stimulates cellular activity and natural regenerative processes with a rich blend of phyto-cosmetic concentrates. Moisture retention visibly improves and skin texture becomes finer, smoother and firmer.

Logona Age Protection Moisture Treatment - Hydrates dry and maturing skin deeply with a very rich formulation, producing moisturizing benefits you can see and feel immediately. Grape seed oil and natural humectants protect against renewed moisture loss and restore a your skin to a healthier, suppler condition, reducing fine lines and tiny wrinkles.

Logona Age Protection Instant Lifting Serum - Produces instantly visible lifting effects. This luxurious, delicately fragranced serum contains a high concentration of phyto-active ingredients which visibly reduce wrinkles. Natural Caffeine and extract of Indian Myrrh stimulate cell metabolism and prevent the development of new wrinkles.

Logona Age Protection Skin Firming Gel - Refreshes the appearance of dry, maturing skin immediately after application. The gentle pure botanical formulation stimulates cells and refines pores. Vitalising hydration produces a measurable improvement in skin texture and balancing and nurturing herbal extracts strengthen and tighten facial contours, reducing the depth of tiny wrinkles and fine lines. Your skin will appear visibly firmer, smoother and finer textured.

Logona Age Protection Anti Cellulite Massage Oil - Tightens and nurtures weakened skin. Age Protection Anti Cellulite Massage Oil helps improve the texture and appearance of skin areas suffering from weak connective tissue. The oil of kiwi seeds, olive and jojoba smooth the skin and provide new elasticity. Precious Argan oil, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, leave the skin soft and supple. Rosemary and arnica extracts stimulate blood circulation and fat metabolism.

Have you tried any Logona products? If so, please tell us your experience by leaving a comment to this post. If you are interested in other items by Logona please let us know. 

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